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Hi I'm Cassie,

I'm a people person, adventurer, storyteller, news reporter, traveler, clutz, fashionista, shoe lover and nature photographer.


I was born and raised in Arlington, Texas. I'm living in Anchorage, Alaska right now where adventure surrounds me. Before moving to Alaska I lived in Bozeman, Montana where I was living between Yellowstone National Park and Big Sky.


I've been ice climbing in -25 degrees, camped out on the Serengeti with the Massai Warriors, swam with whale sharks in Mexico, gone cage diving with sharks in Hawaii,  played soccer in the heart of Bolivia, hiking among bears in Yellowstone National Park,  photographing wildlife in the Grand Tetons, Kayaked miles in the Kenai Fjords National Park, mushed with Iditarod dogs at Dallas Seavey's training camp and hiked miles to glaciers in Alaska. 


I love to adventure, learn new things and help others experience the joy of trying new thing. Come take the adventure with me on this crazy journey called life. 


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