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How to Prepare for a Ski Trip

By Guest Author

Most ski trips only last a few days. That’s not a lot of time to enjoy what the mountains have to offer! But if you want your trip to be worth it, there’s nothing like some good old planning and preparation.

Decide When to Take the Trip

There’s one thing you’ll always need if you want to go skiing: snow. That means you have to plan your trip around the winter months where you can expect the powder from the heavens. In North America, the ski season generally lasts from November to April. This is also when most resorts will open their doors to holiday-goers looking for some fun on the mountains.

You’ll find the most people during the weekends that cover Martin Luther King Jr. Day and President’s Day. If you don’t like crowds and long lines, better avoid scheduling your getaway during those holidays.

For the rest of the season, this guide on the best times of the year to go skiing should help. But no matter when you’re going, I think we can all agree that the more you have the place to yourself, the better.

Check Out Where to Go

North America is home to hundreds of ski resorts so there’s no shortage of destinations to choose from. If you don’t know where to start, has a comprehensive list of the best resorts on the continent. They also have a ranking for each resort to help you decide.

Speaking of ranking, Alyeska Resort currently holds the number 25 spot. Located in Cassie’s home turf of Alaska, it’s about a 50-minute drive away from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Once you get there, you’ll be greeted with breathtaking views of the Chugach Mountains. And if you’re feeling extra-adventurous, instead of just admiring the view from afar, take a chopper and go heli-skiing on top of those mountains!

Don’t forget to check the weather reports for the area before you decide on a destination. After all, bad weather can ruin any vacation, not just a ski trip.

Choose What to Pack

Now that you know when and where you’re going, it’s time to figure out what you need to bring. Let’s start with what you’ll be wearing.

When it comes to ski gear, think in layers. You’ll need a set of base layers to wick moisture away from your skin, one or more mid layers to keep you warm, and a weatherproof outer layer to keep the wind and snow from getting through. You’ll also need gloves, a helmet, and goggles.

If you don’t already own any of these, you can rent them at the local ski shops or the resort itself. But a better option would be to try something like Kit Lender that will deliver the rental gear you need, right to your destination. No need to wait in line or to pack your own stuff.

As for the skis, boots, and poles, resorts usually offer them as rental equipment so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.

Moving on to the optional-but-nice-to-haves. Consider bringing lip balm and sunscreen to help protect you from the elements. You’d be surprised how much the cold, wind, and sun can do, especially at those altitudes.

You should also take along some important documents, just in case. You’ll want to have your travel insurance information, emergency contacts, a copy of your itinerary, andif you’re traveling from outside the country, your passport and visa.

Don’t Forget About Who’s Going

At this point, you’re almost ready to go. There’s just one more thing you need to take care of. And that’s YOU.

Skiing is a physically demanding activity. You’ll need a lot of stamina if you want to keep heading back up the slopes. In the weeks before the trip, try to add some light exercise to your day. Going for walks, running, or just choosing to take the stairs also helps. And make sure you sleep well, even if you’re too excited for the big day. You don’t have to train for a marathon but you should at least be in good condition.

Now you’re all set to take on the runs and enjoy an unforgettable ski trip!

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