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Hike to O'Mailey

Little O'Malley Peak starts from the same trailhead as the hike for Flattop Mountain. It's a short, steep climb, but you get great views of the tundra "football field" and views over Williwaw lakes.

To hike to and from the peak, it should take anywhere from two to four hours depending on the conditions and your hiking level.

This is a moderately steep hike up to the top. The best time to go is during June to September.

To hike from the Glen Alps parking area to the summit of Little O'Malley Peak entails a total elevation gain of 1,325 feet.

Directions to the trail: The Little O'Malley Peak trailhead starts at the Glen Alps/Flattop Mountain Parking lot. Leaving the Glen Alps parking area, follow the Powerline trail. At the intersection take a right and follow the Powerline trail for less than 100 yards. You will reach the junction for Middle Fork Loop trail on the left. Turn left onto Middle Fork Loop Trail. Then cross a bridge and a series of wooden walkways then you should reach the junction with O'Malley Peak trail. Keep going down Middle Fork Loop trail for a fifth of a mile, and you will see an unmarked trail on the right for the beginning of Little O'Malley Peak trail. The climb will begin almost immediately.

This is another trail in the Chugach Mountains that requires a $5 parking fee or an annual parking pass. The trail itself was well traveled, however, there were no signs marking the trail so a map and a compass came in very handy for this trail.

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