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Save room and look great on the slopes for your next ski trip with Kit Lender

Traveling to other ski resorts when you live in Alaska can be a little challenging with how much you have to pack.

Ski Boots, goggles, skis, gloves, hats, layers, leggings, ski socks, jackets, ski pants and the list goes on and on.

So, I tried Kit Lender, an outdoor equipment and apparel rental service, for the first time to save room in my luggage and test out some new ski brands.

Let me tell you I loved them!!

Kit Lender has a four step system to get you the right gear without all of the baggage wherever your adventure may take you.

The first step: shop and rent.

You can pick what style and size you would like from all sorts of brands like Patagonia, the North Face burton Arc’Teryx and Obermeyer. I chose a Patagonia kit and an Obermeyer kit.

Each kit had a pair of snow pants, ski jackets, nice leather gloves and Smith Goggles.

Told them where to send it and what days I would be needing the kits.

Second step: Kit Lender ships the gear to you for free.

It'll arrive to your hotel, ski lodge, home wherever you would like it to be sent. This is the part I loved because I am an over-packer and ski gear can take up a ton of room! I got to my hotel and they had it in the lobby waiting for me in a big box that had Kit Lender all over it. I didn’t realize they also sent a size larger pants as well as the one you order just in case for the other one doesn't fit; that was awesome. It even had a little gift bag in there with chapstick, tissues and hand warmers that came in handy.

Step three: rock the gear whether you're snowboarding, skiing or snow machining

Here I am decked out in my Kit Lender gear in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

I loved the Patagonia gear I ordered, it for really nice and was perfect for spring skiing.

The under layer was great when it got warmer. I even wore that for some of my other fun activities like the mountain coaster.

The Black Obermeyer Jacket was perfect for the one really snowy day where the high was 20 degrees. It kept me warm and the hood was great!!

When the ski trip is over now what to do with all of the clothes?

Step 4: just drop it in the mail.

There are instructions in the box with tape and the FedEx shipping label to send it back for free. You don’t have to clean it or do anything else. Kit Lender says you can either drop it off at a FedEx or the front desk of the hotel.

I really enjoyed this service.

I think this service would be great for people who don’t have the right gear they need when visiting cold places in the winter like Alaska. That way you aren’t spending hundreds of dollars buying things you don’t necessarily need if you live somewhere like Dallas where I am from.

Whether you go out on the slopes once every other year or were raised in the mountains, Kit Lender works to help make your trip be a little easier by keeping you warm in the perfect kit for a winter adventure.

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