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Staying on a boat in Valdez, Alaska

We decided to take a last minute trip out to Valdez for the weekend and were looking at places to stay and things to do.

It was a 5 hour drive there so we only had a little time, but wanted to make the most of it. When I looked up places to stay in Valdez I found the Teal Seal.

The Teal Seal is a cozy 23' little boat that has been modified by a local artist and her husband in order to give visitors the real Alaska experience at a reasonable price.

It is a small space but it is so cute And cozy! There are bathrooms and showers at the boat harbor which is just up the harbor's ramp.

It is right from the Harbor just a few minutes away from restaurants and tours. The one thing we loved was that it was a totally different experience.

We went to bed with the boat gently rocking and woke up to the wildlife and excitement at the harbor.

Coco my pup was able to enjoy it as well.

Her favorite part was being able to watch the seagulls from the window all night and morning.

We are use to going to public use cabins, so we always bring our sleeping bags and that was nice to have.

Just up the road you can find eagles all around, waterfalls and majestic mountains surrounding the ocean. There are many trails to hike and things to do.

I would totally come back to stay in the Teal Seal. It was definitely a fun place to stay where we made many memories.

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