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Staying out in the Red Hatcher Pass Huts

The Hatcher Pass Lodge is a collection of 11 tiny red cabins situated 3,000 feet above the tree-line in Alaska’s Talkeetna mountains.

For my last birthday we stayed in these for the weekend and it was the romantic and adventurous time. There are holes all around and plenty of area to explore. These little cabins are super cozy as well so perfect to cuddle up in.

This particular A-framed cabin, the only one of the bunch, is a one-room lodge and former home of the groundskeeper. The lodge also offers a full restaurant and bar, housed in a much larger A-Frame adjacent to the cabins.

The Cost: The Hatcher Pass Lodge cabins all rent for $150/night, on average. The best thing is they are dog friendly!! Coco loved them.

These cabins are in Hatcher Pass which is about 60 miles outside of Anchorage. It is reachable from two main access points. The Hatcher Pass Road is open in the summer snow depending. The posted signs at the Willow entrance say the road is to be open from July 4th to October 1st. However, it will be open as long as the road is clear.

There are miles of cross-country ski trails, abandoned gold mines, and awesome hiking routes dot this mountain pass. The old gold mine, abandoned in 1951, is a state park within hiking distance from the cabins, and the nearby Gold Mint trail offers miles of hiking and mountain biking replete with alpine vistas

From Palmer – Coming from Palmer the road is paved all the way to the Independence Mine State Park and then turns to gravel. Along the roadside coming from this way first, you’ll see rapid following river filled with large boulders and some lined with steep cliffs.

From Willow – The first 10 miles are paved and then turn to dirt and gravel roads which are in good condition in the summer of 2017. The road remains unpaved until you reach the Independence Mine State Park.

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