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Travel beauty hacks before you go

Between jet lag, flight delays, a limited wardrobe and inevitably terrible bathroom lighting, it isn’t always easy to look fresh on the road. However, there are some super-simple tricks every fashionista should know about that will have you ready for a day of adventure at a moment’s notice—no blow-outs required. Here are 10 beauty hacks that are sure to change the way you travel.

1) Secure jewelry with a toilet paper roll

Ain’t no one got time to untangle jewelry when they should be lounging on the beach, so make sure you pack your necklaces properly in the first place. Simply thread one end of each necklace or bracelet through a cardboard toilet paper roll, then clasp it on the other end to keep each one separate and tangle-free.

2) Buy refillable perfume bottles

Glass bottles with fragrant contents are pretty much the worst thing you can put in a suitcase—I mean, have you ever watched baggage handlers unload luggage from a plane?! If you still want to bring your favorite spritz, pour some directly from the bottle into a leak-proof atomizer.Along with being teeny-tiny and shatter-proof, they hold enough liquid for more than 60 sprays.

3) Perfect a ponytail

I’ve never been one of those people who can effortlessly throw their hair in a messy-chic bun or who emerges out of the ocean with perfect waves. It’s actually quite frightening how my hair behaves the second it’s exposed it to humidity—think less Bae and more beehive. That’s why I’m pretty darn proud of myself for perfecting a ponytail that stays put all day, looks super profesh, and gives me a few extra days between washes which is a huge time saver on the road.

Another trick I swear by is to get a blowout (with curls) right before leaving for a trip. This way, your tresses look on point for at least a few days, and after that you only need to use dry shampoo and re-curl the ends to keep your ‘do going.

4) Use a hanging toiletry bag

I still can’t wrap my head around how many hotels skimp on counter space in the bathroom. I get around this by using a hanging toiletry bag, which holds everything I need and can be suspended from a towel rack or robe hook to save space.

5) Condense your makeup bag

With all the selfies you inevitably plan to take on holiday, you’ll want to look your best. Fortunately, it’s easy to track down travel-size products, which means you can still bring your makeup must-haves along while saving space in your bag.

My favourite hack is to head to Sephora around Christmas, and load up on their gift setswhich usually include an assortment of tiny mascaras, lipsticks or eyeliner. Not only are they the perfect size for travel, but you’ll also get to sample premium brands without committing to the high price tag. Another option is to head to a department store during bonus time, since purchases typically include a gift bag full of travel-size products.

6) #TreatYoSelf to a fab mani that sticks

If you’re anything like me, the only time you shell out for a mani-pedi is when you’re heading out of town. The issue with that is that when your nails inevitably chip or break, you’re stuck with an awkward-looking manicure until you return home for some SOS. That’s why I skip the classic polish and go straight for gel nails which look fab, go on thick which prevents breakage, and lasts for about three weeks.

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